12 days of GC Christmas: Day Five - Top tips for saving money throughout Christmas!

Although much of your Christmas shopping is bound to be done and dusted at this time (unless you’re a last-minute shopper) – it’s still great to know some top tips on how to save money near Christmas time!

1)   Take on the festive-fiver challenge. 

Money Saving Expert introduced the festive-fiver challenge where your gift only costs £5 or less – don’t forget that sometimes homemade presents are better than those expensive ones that you buy in the shops and can often mean a lot more to people! 

2)   Consider Secret Santa

If you have a large group of friends that you’d normally buy presents for, why not consider doing Secret Santa? Often Secret Santa is a lot of fun as you may get to buy a present that you wouldn’t normally think of and of course there is the anticipation of who picked you to buy a present for. Set a price limit and see how creative your group of friends can be at Christmas time!

3)   Save up your food shop vouchers for December

More often than not, supermarkets will send out vouchers to shoppers just before December with some great deals. Spread out your Christmas food shop over the weeks of December so you can save on every shop that you do. Christmas is the best time of year to be signed up to Nectar Card or Tesco Clubcard! 

4)   Make a Christmas list 

No, we’re not talking about the naughty or nice list! Write down everyone that you’re going to buy a present for, write what type of thing you’d like to get them, the budget that you have set for their present. Doing this will mean that you’re less likely to impulse buy and you’ll be able to keep track of who you have left to buy for. 

5)   Make the most of your Christmas leftovers

We’re all guilty of over buying food at Christmas and sometimes it seems impossible to eat everything that is left. However, by utilising your leftovers you’ll make sure you aren’t wasting any money so scour the internet and Pinterest because there is bound to be some great recipes to use your leftovers in!