Institute of Technology

Artist impression of new Institute of Technology

In April 2019, Grantham College & University Centre was awarded £2.6mil in funding to redevelop their Stonebridge House site to become a state-of-the-art Institute of Technology.

The College will expand facilities and equipment for Higher Education and Skills in Engineering and Digital as part of the successful Institute of Technology bid.

What is an Institute of Technology? 

A prestigious and high quality employer-led institution delivering higher level technical education with a clear route to high skilled employment 

IoTs will be a new type of institution, tailored to focus on the specific technical skills needs in their area. They will be created through innovative collaborations between employers and FE and HE providers; harnessing the teaching expertise of HE and FE, research expertise of HE, and industry knowledge and expertise from employers. 

They will specialise in technical disciplines, particularly STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) at levels 3, 4 and 5, but also extending to degree level and above (level 6+) to strengthen routes into higher levels of technical education, as well as directly into employment. 

The History of Stonebridge House

Stonebridge House was acquired by the college back in 2012. Before this, the site was a police station but that's not how it began...

Stonebridge House is a Grade II Listed building, positioned to the South of the main College Campus. Built in 1858 for Mr. J Hardy, a local wealthy Banker, Hardy and Co. In 1931, Mrs. D Schwind, the Daughter of a local Brewer, purchased the property. In 1940 the Spitalgate School converted the school into Camden High School for Girls and then for Boys. In 1951 Kesteven Standing Joint Committee purchased the building for the Lincolnshire Police and the building was converted into offices by 1959. In 2012 Stonebridge House was purchased by Grantham College and restored which included the introduction of the current ground floor teaching spaces.

How Stonebridge House looked in the 50s

Stonebridge House in the 50s.   

Boys playing a game outside of Stonebridge house

Pupils of the Boys school in the 40s.  


Biking cops in the 50s/60s.

Plans for the Future

The Stonebridge House site will be redeveloped over the coming months with some demolition to parts of the building and restoration to the listed side. Plans are in place for a state-of-the-art glass extension. Grounds will be restored and tastefully scattered with a variety of plants, flowers and trees.