Elective Home Education

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The government’s aim is to ensure all young people receive world-class education which allows them to reach their potential, and live a more fulfilled life regardless of background, in a safe environment.

Educating children at home works well when it is a positive choice and carried out with a proper regard for the needs of the child.

Although children being home educated are not normally registered at any school or college, you may choose to make arrangements for a child to receive part of his or her total education at a school (‘flexi-schooling’) - or at an FE college or other 16-19 provider if the child is aged 14 or above. The purpose of this will often be to provide education in specific subjects more easily than is possible at home. Schools and colleges are under no obligation to agree to such arrangements, but some are happy to do so.

Children who are being educated at home sometimes attend other settings to supplement that home education. If you wish your child to attend a state or independent school part-time for this purpose you should discuss this with the school concerned. The school is under no obligation to accept such an arrangement. If your child does undertake this form of ‘flexi-schooling’, you will need to get absences from school which occur when your child is being educated at home authorised by the school in the same way as parents of full-time pupils do for other planned absence. Then the school should mark him or her in the attendance register as being on authorised absence when not at school.

It is also possible for children aged 14-16 who are educated at home for most of the time to attend state-funded FE colleges or sixth form colleges on a part-time basis, to receive tuition in specific subjects. If you are interested in this you should ask the college concerned if it has any such arrangements. Again, however, the college is under no obligation to make such provision.

At Grantham College & University Centre, we can take pupils from the final school year (equivalent of year 11). The College provides formal learning on a part time basis to support the responsibilities of the parent or career.

We offer English and maths qualifications and can also offer short courses in areas of vocational interest such as construction, hairdressing and care. These short courses are an introduction to working life or further study.

The 16 to 19 Bursary Fund is not payable to young people whose parents elect to home educate them under the age of 16.

Read the Department for Education's Elective Home Education Departmental Guidance for Parents.

For more information, please contact the college on 01476 400200.