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At Grantham College we aim to ensure that all our students achieve their true potential. We have over 70 years’ experience of providing education and training. In this time we have developed a welcoming and supportive environment where the needs of students are always put first.

Whether you can make an evening course for one night or five weeks or can commit to a course running for two days a week for a year, Grantham College is sure to have a course for you.

We are constantly adapting and evolving to suit the needs of our students. We are proud to boast some of the most impressive facilities around, including the purpose-built three-storey Arts Centre with design studios, workrooms, and dedicated Performing Arts Studio.

Our Animal Care Centre on campus has first-class facilities including realistic species-specific habitats for the wide variety of reptiles, birds, rodents and fish living in the centre.

If it’s Travel & Tourism you’re interested in then come fly with “Grantham Air” – our £40,000 full-scale replica air cabin with baggage handling, check-in and security area has been specifically designed to give you hands-on experience of what it’s like to work in an airport environment.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Grantham College.


Grantham College & University Centre celebrated the outcome of its Ofsted visit in September 2017, with the inspection team confirming that the education provided by the college is 'Good'. Ofsted praised the role of leaders and managers in that they 'have improved the standards of teaching, learning and assessment since the previous inspection. As a result, most students make good progress'. We were also praised on 'maintaining good partnerships with local and regional employers, and making sure that the range of courses meets local priorities and skills needs.' Ofsted also commented that 'Teachers make good use of their industrial experience to prepare well-structured and interesting lessons that motivate students and help them to succeed'. Our next aim is to strive for excellence and be outstanding.


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