KGGS Students participated in Carpentry, Media and Art Workshops at Grantham College. 

On the 26th of January, Kesteven and Grantham Girl’s School (KGGS) had an exciting opportunity to visit Grantham College for a unique hands-on experience in various workshops. These workshops included Carpentry, Media, and Art, providing the students with a glimpse into the life of a Grantham College student. 

In the Art & Design workshop, the students were able to explore their creativity through glass fusing, sand casting, and photography. They had the chance to experiment with different techniques and capture stunning images. One of the highlights was the photography session, where they used film cameras to take pictures of intriguing subjects such as peacock feathers. Later, they had the opportunity to develop the film in the darkroom.

The Media workshop was equally captivating, as the students had access to a police box set from Doctor Who. They used a green screen backdrop to film various clips of students entering through the iconic door. These clips were later edited using Adobe Premiere Pro, a professional video editing software, to replace the green screen with different backgrounds. This allowed the students to immerse themselves in the world of filmmaking and experience the post-production side of media. 

For those interested in practical skills, the Carpentry workshop provided a valuable learning experience. The students visited a construction site and had the opportunity to learn how to create a half lap joint using a gauge and saw. This hands-on activity allowed them to develop their woodworking skills and gain a deeper understanding of the construction industry. 

To conclude the visit, the students received goodie bags containing informational leaflets about Grantham College and the different options available to students, including apprenticeships, t-levels, full-time courses, and more pathways. 


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