What is Office 365?

Office 365 is an e-mail service and application service from Microsoft. Office 365 also provides access to a data storage area called the OneDrive and access to web apps (online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

The main benefits of the system include the amount of storage space provided (see below), the convenience of being able to access emails and files anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection, and the familiarity and security of the Microsoft environment.

Benefits of Office 365 email:

  • A 25GB inbox and an attachment allowance of up to 20MB per message
  • Spam and virus filtering
  • Several platforms supported including: – Microsoft Internet Explorer – Safari for Mac – Opera for Windows – Firefox (Mac and Windows) – Email on my phone.

Benefits of the Skydrive:

  • 7GB of disk space to store files
  • Private, shared, and public folders
  • You can Copy your college documents to OneDrive so you can access them anywhere.