Student Login

Email and Office Login

Go to to gain access your account!

  • Please remember that your login ID is as displayed below. Student Number then

  • our password to login will be the same as your on-site user account password, that you changed when you first logged in (Unless you have changed your password to be different on the Office 365 email system)

  • If you cannot login to your Office 365 email change your on-site user account password, and try again in 5 minutes (press “alt, ctrl and delete”)

  • If you do not attend the main college site you can still log into your college email from any internet enabled device, your password will be your birthday (MMDDYY example 12051970) and you will be prompted to change it at the first screen. Please note if you do at a later date login at Grantham College using any of our computers you will login using your birthday as you password and be prompted to change it, once you have changed your password on-site it will override you password on the Office 365 email system.

Changing your password

Follow this link to change your College password

If you change your password at home via Office 365 it will only change your password for accessing your email but not your college network / VLE (Moodle) passwords. By changing your password on a GC network computer, or via the link above you will also automatically change your VLE (Moodle) and Office 365 account passwords.