Getting Started with OneDrive

This brief guide explains some of the functionality and how to access your OneDrive account.

Each Grantham College student has a Microsoft Office 365 email account that includes Microsoft OneDrive File Storage area. Your OneDrive storage area can be used with your standard College network document area and provides you a way to access your uploaded documents from college anywhere you have access to the internet.

With OneDrive you can share files with other people, you also have access to Microsoft Office 365 web apps (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

Documents or files deleted from your OneDrive cannot be recovered.

How do I access OneDrive?

OneDrive is part of the Office 365 suite and is accessed via the college email system

Enter the College Website address to display the website and click on the ‘webmail’ link at the bottom left of the website. The Portal Page below will be displayed, please click on the Student Login link and select the Email and Office 365 link.

Enter your username in the user name box. This is in the format : (e.g.

How to use OneDrive Pro upload for your documents

To upload documents to the OneDrive area, click on the OneDrive menu item (from the blue menu bar) and click the + sign

Click on “Upload Existing File” to upload the file to your OneDrive area one at a time.

Browse to your college documents and select the one you wish to upload. Click Browse to find the file you want to upload, then click upload. This will upload your file in the folder you have chosen on your OneDrive.

To upload your files in bulk please select the files you want to upload from your college user area and drag them to the area that displays “Drag files here”

This will upload your files into OneDrive

To create a new document directly on your OneDrive, click on the OneDrive menu item (from the blue menu bar) and click the + sign click on “New Document” and select the relevant icon (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), choose a name for your file and continue as normal.

NOTE: If you save document directly on your OneDrive area they will not be backed up. If you delete them they will not be restored!

“It is suggested you use your OneDrive area, if you want to access documents on any of the College Campuses or when you are away from College”.

If you require any help and support please contact or call 01476 400220.