Getting Started with Office 365

When you enroll at Grantham College you will receive details of your computer account. It will include a username and password that you can use to access both your GC computer account and your email (Office 365) account.

Your Office 365 email address will be in the format [your student id number]

Logging on to Office 365 for the first time:

  1. Login to any workstation on campus and, if you have not done so already, you will be prompted to change your network password (your 1st password is your birthday, format is DDMMYYY (Example 12051970)

  2. Open Office 365 by clicking on the icon on your desktop or by using one of the other methods listed below. Login with your GC email address (Student Number and your newly changed password.

  3. If you do not attend the main college site you can still log into your college email from any internet enabled device, your password will be your birthday and you will be prompted to change it at the first screen. Please note if you do at a later date login at Grantham College using any of our computers you will login using your birthday as you password and be prompted to change it, once you have changed your password on-site it will override your password on the Office 365 email system.

And after that….

You can access Office 365 anywhere that you can connect to the internet. As indicated above, the icon on your computer desktop will allow you to open Office 365 easily if you are on campus, whilst off campus we recommend that you use the webmail links on the GC website.

  • What is my Office 365 email address? 
    Your email address is [your student id]
  • What happens to my Email / OneDrive documents and College documents when I leave the college?
    When you leave Grantham College we advise that you backup / transfer any emails you need along with any documents you have stored on the college network and the Office 365 OneDrive account.
  • Can I access any other GC systems via Office 365? 
  • Where is my Office 365 data stored and who owns it? 
    The data is stored in a Microsoft data centre in Dublin especially created to host Windows services. GC is the custodian of the data and Microsoft stores it on our behalf. Neither GC nor Microsoft will scan the contents of your emails or use your data in any way unless it is to combat viruses or spam.
  • What happens if there is a major failure to the service?
    It is in Microsoft’s interest to ensure that Office 365 is available at all times. A major failure would be reported by the Office 365 support desk where it will be treated as a priority support issue. Grantham College also can check the status of the system at any time
  • What if I have a problem accessing my mailbox or I forget my password?
    If you cannot login to your email account, change your password using one of the Grantham College computers on-site. This will change your email password to match, and try to login into your email again after 5 minutes.

    If you do no use the computers on-site please ask your tutor, or personal tutor who will contact CCSS on your behalf.

    For fault or password reset requests please contact the CCSS Helpdesk, office located at the end of the e-Learning Centre, phone 01476 400220 or email.

  • Is my mailbox protected by the Data Protection Act? 
    Yes, your mailbox is protected by all EU data protection legislation.
  • Can I forward my Grantham College emails to my own email account? 
    You can forward emails from Office 365 to your own email accounts by creating forwarding rules (visit the Options page within the email account to see more help).
  • What rules and regulations govern my use of Office 365? 
    When you enrol at GC you agree to abide by all of our policies and regulations, including those relevant to Office 365 such as the IT Services Acceptable Use Policy. See a full list of IT policies. You will also be asked to click to agree to abide by Microsoft’s Service Agreement when you login to the system for the first time.