Art and Design students in front of a painting

What can I expect?

The Arts have existed for centuries and encompass history, culture and traditions not only in the UK but worldwide. We are surrounded by objects and artefacts that have been created by someone with an art and design background; almost everything we see, experience, wear, live in and buy has started as a creative idea, developed then produced into something that we use and enjoy.

The Arts can be understood, studied and provide valuable making skills which can give you the capacity to contribute to how we live and understand the world around us.

All of our Art & Design students are guided and mentored by an array of arts lecturers who have worked in the creative industries and have real experience of how an arts education can lead to successful employment.

Areas of expertise include Graphic Design, Packaging Design and Furniture Design in London, Curating international Art exhibitions as well as exhibiting their own work.

Facilities in the Arts Centre allow you to specialise in a range of disciplines, increasing your skill base and potential.

We are constantly engaged in ‘live projects’ within the local community, providing our students with a true vocational experience and giving them the confidence to explore and realise their creative potential.


Facilities available include – ceramics room, large workshop, wood room, textile room plus more
Higher Education courses also available
Photography, Fine Art, Sewing and Creative Crafts are just some of the routes available


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