Within College we deliver employability sessions to students each week which caters to each course level. The students cover core sessions (some examples below), but there is also flexibility within the plan to allow tutors time for careers related visits or guest speakers.

CV writing - To make sure students have a suitable CV to send to employers.

Careers Assessment - Students to undertake a ‘Skills Health Check’ on the National Careers Service website, to identify what future careers may be suitable for them.

Personal Goals and achievements - Students to identify these and explore how to use them and move forward.

Volunteering - Student to understand different types of voluntary work and why this is useful.

Students will also do 6 mandatory work experience related sessions, getting the students ready for their placements. 

As part of your studies, you will take part in a minimum of one week's work experience with a local employer linked to your subject area. More information about work experience.