Tutors will organise guest speakers, visits, or even organise collaborations with local employers to widen students’ knowledge and enable them to learn lots of new skills. A few examples from this academic year include:

  •       Graphic Design students collaborating with the local Museum and creating their signage for displays.
  •       Both our Graphics and Art & Design students working with LNER to create work which brightens up local areas of Grantham.

Graphics students in front of an LNER banner

  •       Travel and Tourism had local school students in to practise their skills at our check in desk and in our plane, Grantham Air.

Travel and Tourism students behind the Grantham Air desk

  •       Media students filmed the local Chantry Dance Company promo trailer of their UK Ballet Tour of Alice in Wonderland.

Filming the Alice in Wonderland trailer

  •       Hairdressing students had a day with Balmain Paris, where they were taught to apply hair extensions and how to maintain them.

Hairdressing students in the salon

  •       Applied Science students have been to The Deep and Yorkshire Wildlife Park.
  •       Catering students had a visit from Lovely Loaves, to show them how to bake bread to a professional standard.

Catering students rolling dough

  •       Business students successfully started their own company, The Little Letter Shop, making and selling keyrings and photo frames.


As part of your studies, you will take part in a minimum of one weeks work experience with a local employer linked to your subject area. More information about work experience.