Student Information Team

Meet the Student Information Team

The team are based in and around the Student Information Desk & Reception in the main building on Stonebridge Road. 

They offer a wide range of Information Services for all students, visitors and colleagues at the college.

From Left to Right - Debbie Long (Student Information Officer), Amy Goswell (Student Engagement Officer), Fiona Ball (IAGE Administrator), Laura Philpotts (Advanced Apprentice - IAGE), Gail Williamson (IAGE Administrator) & Jade Voller (Apprentice - IAGE)

Debbie Long, Student Information Officer

Debbie provides a range of impartial careers, advice & guidance for students, schools and external customers.  Debbie's key responsibilities are; key provider of schools liaison at West Grantham Academy, advice on UCAS applications, Higher Education course advice and Higher Education admissions.

Amy Goswell, Student Engagement Officer

Amy has a varied role within the team and her key responsibilities are student engagement with the STAR Forum, NUS, College Ambassadors and charity/college events held throughout the year.  Amy is also qualified to offer Advice & Guidance within the college and through schools liaison.

Fiona Ball, IAGE Administrator

Fiona's key responsibilities are full time applications, interviews and enrolments.  Fiona works with the Student Mentors to set up full time student interviews throughout the academic year.

Laura Philpotts, Advanced Apprentice IAGE

Laura's key responsibilities are apprenticeship enrolments and administration.  Laura also works on the Reception and is keen to help the visitors to the college.

Gail Williamson - IAGE Administrator

Gail's key responsibilities are part-time student applications, interviews and admissions.  Gail is also studying towards her Level 3 NVQ in Advice & Guidance, so is keen to offer support to all those applying for part-time courses.

Jade Voller, Apprentice - Student Services

Jade's key responsibitlies are welcoming all visitors, signing them in, processing vehicle requests and generally being a happy, smiley face of the college.

Contacting the Student Information Team

The team are contactable between the hours of;

Monday & Friday - 8.30am to 6:00pm

Wednesday to Thursday - 8.30am to 9:00pm

Debbie Long - 01476 400251

Amy Goswell - 01476 400210

Fiona Ball - 01476 400294

Laura Philpotts - 01476 414436

Gail Williamson - 01476 400252

Jade Voller - 01476 400200

Please feel free to contact any member of the team to discuss your application, enrolment or just for some general information & advice about your time at the college.